Friday, February 29, 2008

Arizona fans toss water bottle on court

During Thursday night's loss to USC someone in the student section tossed a water bottle onto the court. Interm coach Kevin O'Neil addressed the students asking them not to toss things onto the court. He told the students this isn't how we do things at Arizona. Finally he told USC coach Tim Flyod he was sorry for the actions of the student.

This is a on going problem, just prior to the game O'Neil both addressed students in line, as well as, made a You Tube plea from students to stop yelling the "f-word" at the officials.

Arizona falls at home to USC

Arizona lost a key game to USC Thursday night 70-58. That dropped the Cats to 17-11, 7-8 in the Pac-10.
Lets take a minute to talk about Jerryd Bayless. Last night he only had eight points and that’s always bad news. Remember Arizona lost TWICE when he scored more then 30 points. The truth in no one on this team can score other then Bayless and if he doesn’t do all the heavly load pulling this team is going to loss.
Jordan Hill was the teams leading scorer, with 18. A 48 percent overall shooting night didn’t help the Cats, nor did being out rebounded by USC 27-18. USC’s O.J. Mayo lead all scores with 20.
Another horrable trend that countined last nigh was Arizona slow starts. The Cats fell behind 11-2 in the first four minutes and never really cut the lead down prior to the final few minutes of the games.
That’s bad news for the Cats post season hopes. Most of those “in the know” seem to think that Arizona has to be .500 or better in Pac-10 play to punch a ticket to the big dance.
So lets think about this for a moment. There are three more games left in the regular season. To be .500 Arizona can loss no more then one more game. This Sunday they host fourth ranked UCLA, as the final home game of the regualr season. Next week they hit the road to Oregon State and Oregon. Can they do it? Sure they can. Will they do it? I don’t know. A lot depends on if Nic Wise gets back. I’m not so sure I would hold my breath on that one.
Another question, can Arizona make it with a below .500 Pac-10 record. I think they can. They have played some good teams, but the only good team from a BCS school they beat, was Texas A & M. Illinois being bad didn’t do Arizona any help.
So lets look at it this way. If Arizona wants to be in the post season they have to do one of two things. Win at least 2 of the last 3. Or win the Pac-10 tourney. If we do one or both of those then we are in good shape my friends.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

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