Friday, March 7, 2008

A Gameday Blog

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to watch a game with you’ll know with my game day log.

6:53pm It’s about ten minutes from tip. I have my dinner, drink and I’m ready to go.

6:55pm Waiting for the game to tip, I decide to flip around and see what’s on the other great channels. Let's see we have some Seinfeld on TBS, some NBA on TNT and some Monk on USA.

7:00pm Ugh, I heard those voices, I know it was going to be them. Dave Sitton and Bob Elliot. Those guys are nice people but as for basketball play-by-play guys, they’re just not good.

7:07pm Tip time. Arizona wins and it’s Nic Wise! He’s back and better then ever.

7:08pm Arizona is the first to score.

7:11pm 17:34 left in the first half. Arizona’s shooting is driving me nuts. If you saw me right now you’d see my face turning bright, bright red now.

7:18pm 14:14 left in first half. Too many whistles. I hate these Pac-10 officials. They drive me nuts.

7:29pm 10:15 left in the first half. Just texted Rob. “If you hear someone scream, just put it in the basket, that’s me!” You see Rob and I live in the same complex. But I’d have to yell pretty loud for him to hear me all the way over where he lives. But I could do it!

7:34pm 7:17 left in the first half. OK I feel much better then I did just five minutes ago. The Cats are on a 9-0 run. It’s now 23-12 Arizona up. I don’t have to toss myself out the window anymore!

7:44pm 3:25 left in the first half. I just heard a Oregon State fan “put in Lute Olson!” That’s good stuff. Arizona is on a 22-4 run. It’s now 31-16. I think O’Neil should put Olson. He would be able to school these guys.

7:48pm 1:59 left in the first half. Have I told you yet that there is maybe, maybe 2,00 fans at this game? I think more people live in this complex then are at this game.

7:51pm Halftime. This is what I like. Arizona is up 40-18.

7:54pm Still halftime. I just turned on the Rockets Mavs NBA game. How are the Rockets doing this. They just can not loss. But without Yao I still think the Rockets are like a pile of dishes that keeps growing and growing. One of these days all the dish are going to come crashing down.

8:08pm Second half just started

8:14pm 17:03 left in game. Did I just hear Dave Sitton say let's hope Oregon State wins the PAC-10 tourney? If he did he’s dead wrong. That would be really, really bad news for Arizona. Same goes for if Oregon, Cal, and Washington. If any of those schools win, Arizona is in big trouble.

8:23pm 14:33 left in the game. Man Oregon State really sucks. It’s now 58-26. Maybe as I guessed earlier 70 will be the number Arizona scores.

8:31pm 9:26 left. The game is over. Why? Why? Why? Won’t Kevin O’Neil play Kurt Walters. I don’t get it.

8:37pm 7:23 left.. Arizona has 73. They out scored what I thought they would. But that’s not a bad thing.

8:41pm 6:35 left. OK The Arizona bench is out now. 72-34

8:43pm 5:34 left Finally Kurt Walters is in. It’s about time.

8:56pm The game is over. Arizona won 81-45. This should do it and put Arizona in the tourney.

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