Monday, March 10, 2008

A very short rant

Today seems like as good a day as any to go on very short rant about why we watch sports. The reason I’m doing this is simple. I’m sick of all the people writing negative things about Arizona Basketball.

Here’s the think. At least as I see it. Sports should be fun, so why should I get super stressed out about things. I know this season is not going the way everyone would have like it to, but we can not always have the things we want. Well at least that’s what my dad always talked about.

So why do we, or why do I, cry when my team losses a close game. It’s not so much about me as much as it’s about feeling bad about the why things went for my team. It’s not about not getting what I want as much as it is about my team working hard for a common goal and not getting it. Coming up short if you will.

So I try really hard not to talk ill about my teams and my coaches. What ever happens, happens. But it is for fun. If it’s not fun, why would I do it?

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