Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Negedu wants out-so long

Arizona basketball recruit Emmanuel Negedu has asked head coach Lute Olson out of his commitment to come to Tucson to play for the Cats. Reports are Olson will not let him out of his legally binding letter of intent meaning he will have to transfer and sit out a year.

Good reddens to Negedu. If he doesn't want to play here, let him go. If he wanted to play for Kevin O'Neil, Josh Pastner or Miles Simon-all who are gone and not Lute Olson, then he should just go away.

I wouldn't want someone working for me who didn't want to work for me.

There are a million and a half rumor of why he wouldn't want to go to Arizona, including reports that Olson hung up on him Sunday while he was trying to talk him into coming to Tucson. Another report say that he spent Saturday night of his recruiting visit in the hotel by himself, with out a host. If that is true it would not be the norm.

But none of that changes my opinion on this story.

Not a lot more to say on this one, other then Lute-just let him go.

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