Thursday, May 22, 2008

YouTube Clip of the Week

Ok, I'm few hours late on this one, but hell I know you don't care. So unpack that tuna sandwich, open that bottle of water, put your feet up on your desk and enjoy the YouTube clip of the week.

This week we are taking a week off from the Wildcats for Glenn Beck. Beck has radio show, which I board opt when it airs hear in Tucson (no I don't know him, the show comes from New York, I just air it). Anyways the right wing talk show type also has a TV show on CNN Headline News.

Yesterday he had Ben Stein on to talk about the "nanny state." He does something on the air, that I think might be against FCC laws....but I'm not sure.

Really, I don't think your aloud to smoke on basic cable.
More Wildcat news soon. For real!

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