Monday, April 14, 2008

Arizona Spring Game Fun, a Look at my Time in the Spring Game

For at least a day football was king again in Tucson.

In one of the best events of the year about 4,000 fans watch the Arizona Wildcats play, well themselves in the fan friendly event.

The fun started at 11am when 20-30 car loads of fans tailgated at 3rd and Campbell. The smell of hamburgs, hot dogs and brats were in the air. Rock music and U.A. highlights could be heard. Beers and soda were being downed. Footballs flew threw the air. It was like game days, only a lot fewer people.

For those who choose to forgo the tailgating, head coach Mike Stoops and the team signed autographs, among other in stadium events.

The game it's self kicked off about 1:30. Besides being a little warm and baking in the sun it was a fun game to watch.

I do have one in game complaint. Where was the band? The Pride of Arizona should have been there. It was kind of sad without them.

After the game the players were again available for handshakes and autographs. We got a chance to talk to coach Stoops and Willie T among others.

All in all it was a good time and one of the best free events the U puts on all year.

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