Thursday, April 10, 2008

What to look for at this Saturday Spring Game

This Saturday Arizona Football will end it's spring practice schedule with the annual spring scrimmage game. It's always hard to learn a lot from these games. Just the fact the first game is still 20 weeks away is reason enough that you can't learn much about what to expect from this team, but still there are somethings I do hope to see/expect to see.

For several reason the defence almost always dominates these games. That being said I want to see the offence be crisper then they have been the past few scrimmages. That means I want to see cleaner routs by the receivers, I want to see quicker toss by the QBs, I want to see what it looks like when everything clicks.

Speaking of which I want to see Willie Tuitama look like the Willie of old. I want to see if he can run like he once did, I want to see if he can think and react like he once did. I want to see that the Willie we saw play a sub par game at best against ASU to end last season is not going to be the Willie we are going to see in the upcoming season.

I want to see Mike Thomas catch at least one long touchdown pass. One could make the argument as "Money Mike" Thomas goes, so goes the offence, so let's seem him kick some butt.

I want to see Arizona's running game to do just that, run. Nic Grigsby and Xavier Smith need to get several touch and they need to get yards with those touches.

Finlay the O-Line needs to give Willie and company time to run the plays. One could argue that this was the biggest hole in several of the teams of years past.

As for the other side of the ball, there is not a lot you can say other then I want to see the defence hit and read the plays. The defence is not going to hit too hard, after all they don't want to hurt any of there own players. I want to see Sterling Lewis, Brooks Reed and Ricky Elmore get some touches on Willie.

Oh and I want to see some good brats and beers too at the pregame tailgate. Ummmm.

Arizona Spring Game
When: This Saturday April 12th, 1:30pm, tailgating will be allowed starting at 11:30am on Gittings lawn (in front of the dance building at Campbell and 3rd)

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