Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NFL Draft

Saturday is the start of the NFL draft, here are the Wildcats who could get picked this weekend. Not all of these players will get drafted, I think Cason and Larsen are sure things. We'll see about the rest. Tune in Monday and I'll recap who went where.

Antoine Cason Cornerback 6'0" 191 pounds
Lionel Dotson Defensive Tackle 6'3" 296 pounds
Wilrey Fontenot Cornerback 5'8" 171 pounds
Louis Holmes Defensive End 6'3" 263 pounds
Chris Jennings Running Back 5'10" 217 pounds
Spencer Larsen Inside Linebacker 6'1" 238 pounds
Garon McHone Long Snapper 6'3" 275 pounds
Dominic Patrick Safety 6'0" 211 pounds

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