Thursday, August 21, 2008

Season Preview: USC

Week Eight:

Saturday October 25, 2008

The University of Arizona Wildcats versus the University of Southern California Trojans

Arizona Stadium, Time TBA

USC Facts: Unlike Idaho and Toledo, it should be easy to argue that USC is one of the five best teams in the country. Since Pete Carroll took over 8 years ago the Trojans have been far and away the best program in the Pac-10. We are talking about a program that was disappointed to be 11-2 last season. I don't even have to write anymore by just saying: USC doesn't rebuild, they just reload. They are what everyone in the Pac-10 wants to be. After all, they have been to The Rose Bowl Game three of the four last years. The one year they didn't it was the Orange Bowl for the National Championship. Any of the other nine teams would trade place with them in heart beat.

Good Cat News: Ah.....with this game. I don't know. Arizona has had good luck with homecoming games. USC over the past few years has dropped games they shouldn't have. I guess that might happen. One day or another Arizona is going to get that season/program changing win. It could be this year? Couldn't it? Arizona has come close to beating USC a few times over the past few years. Arizona has it as a home game, that could help.

Bad Cat News: USC is very good. Arizona is good. Arizona would have to play a game unlike anything we have every seen them play. Nothing in Mike Stoops past (or Jon Mac or Dick Tomey for that matter) has lead me to thing Arizona could play an A+++ game. Anything less then that the Cats are in trouble with this game.

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