Monday, August 18, 2008

Season Preview: Washington

Week Five:

Saturday October 4, 2008

The University of Arizona Wildcats versus the University of Washington Huskies

Arizona Stadium, Time TBA

Washington Facts: If anyone other then Mike Stoops is on the hot seat it's Ty Willingham. If anyone has underachieved over the last three years more then Arizona, it's Washington. This game could be a "you fired" match up, I don't see anyway either coach keeps his job if they don't make a bowl and the loser of this game should be in trouble. It's hard to remember this is a school that went to a Rose Bowl in 2000-a drought much shorter then Oregon, who has been much better then the Huskies over the past ten years. In fact, UW hasn't even been to a bowl game since the 2001 Sun Bowl.

Good Cat News: First, this is a home game and if Arizona is 3-1 or maybe even 4-0 Arizona Stadium is going to be a mad house for that game. Last season Arizona scored 22 points to finish out the Huskies and there doesn't seem to be a lot of reason to think the Huskies are going to be any better.

Bad Cat News: Arizona and Washington have embarrassed one another over the past few years. If the Huskies come in fired up this could be a dangers game for Arizona. There is not a lot more to say other then that. Last year Washington QB tossed for 336 yard against the Cats. If he does that this season-the Huskies could pull out the W.

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