Monday, August 25, 2008

Season Preview: Oregon

Week Ten:

Saturday November 15, 2008

The University of Arizona Wildcats versus the University of Oregon Ducks
Autzen Stadium: Eugene, Oregon, Time TBA

Oregon Facts: Mike Bellotti has now been the head coach of the Ducks for 14 years, far longer then anyone else in the Pac-10. Since that time they have been one of the best teams in the Pac-10, although they haven't gone to Rose Bowl since the mid 1990s. Not a lot of reason to think 2008 is going to be any different, including the second place finish. Autzen Stadium is arguably the loudest stadium in the Pac-10 (although USC has many more fans, not as loud).

Good Cat News: For whatever reason it doesn't seem like Mike Bellotti and Mike Stoops like one another. This has worked in the Cats favour, as they have had the Ducks number as of late. Another November game against what should be a ranked team also seem to play in Arizona's favour-as they have had luck with that as well.

Bad Cat News: We'll see if revenge means anything in football with this game. If any group of players or fans want revenge it would be the Oregon Ducks. Arizona could be blown off the field in that game if they don't come out ready to play. We'll also have to see whats going on in the Pac-10, if the Ducks are still in the mix-it could be bad news for Arizona.

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