Monday, October 27, 2008

Arizona Falls to USC

What a weird weekend it was in Wildcat land.

Just as the Wildcats were 48 hours out of the biggest home game in ten years, the basketball program did what they seem to have been doing for the past 25 years. They stole the thunder. Pre game Saturday the talk on the U.A. mall was not so much about what Arizona had to to beat USC or what would happen if they in fact beat USC but rather the talk was all about Lute Olson weird-second year in a row-stepping down from his post as head men's basketball coach.

Post game it was back to Arizona football.

Although Arizona didn't beat USC Saturday night they did get one of those rare "moral victories."

There's little question in my mind that offence cost the Cats the game. Saturday was like a flash back to the old Dick Tomey days. In the back of your mind you had to keep thing there is no way, no way Arizona score more then 17 points. That turned out to be the case. You kept thing one more play-one more score this is a different game. Yup, that was the case.

Yet most true, reasonably thinking Cats fans will come to this conclusion. It appears that Arizona is the second best team in the Pac-10 and could have the inside track to the Holiday Bowl. If they can do what they need to and can do. Really Arizona should go no worse then 3-1 the rest of the season. They could go 4-0, the really could.

They played USC closer then Arizona State. Closer then Oregon. Closer then Ohio State.

This is the best football team in Tucson in ten years. Now the question is, is the University of Arizona a football school now?

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