Monday, October 20, 2008

The Rollercoast Rolls On

So another week, another trip on the roller coast that has been Arizona football this year. I really don’t remember a season like this one. In the matter of one week and for the second time this year Mike Stoops, Willie T and the rest of the Cats have gone from goats to hero.

Now the Cats find themselves in a place where they haven’t been since Bill Clinton was president, tied for first place in the middle of October. If this means anything right now-I’m not 100 percent sure. After all the Cats still have to play all but one of the teams they are bunched up with. Yet that is also good news-for the Cats once again control there destiny. Win out smell the roses, loss out and stay home for the holidays.

It would appear that once again Mike Stoops has saved his job. After all two more wins and the Cats are in a bowl. They still have a very bad Washington State team to play and two very winnable home games against Oregon State and Arizona State. And the Cats, by the way, haven’t even played a close game in Tucson. Bad news for the Stoops Realtor-good news for him.

As a result of beating Cal Saturday, the Cats also saved themselves from being on a three game losing streak when they travel to Wazzu in a couple weeks.

So the question should be asked, was this the biggest win in the Mike Stoops era? Sure the Cats have beaten hire ranked teams in the past. Yet Saturday’s game really opened the door for the future. For all the above reasons Saturday’s win really saved a season. Could this really be the game we look back on in 10, 15, 20 years from now and say that’s the game that forever changed the fortune of Arizona Football?

I guess only time will tell, but for now I’m buying it.

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