Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dear Coach O'

Dear coach O,

I wanted to write and thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Everything you’ve done for my university, my city and my state.

You put the University of Arizona on the map before my friends and I cared if the University of Arizona was on the map. Now when people ask us who we cheer for, were we went to school, were we live we can be proud to talk about the University of Arizona.

Thank you for the all time greats. Thank you for Sean Elliott, Steve Kerr, Josh Pastner, Luke Walton and dozens more.

Thanks for 1997, the greatest year in the history of Arizona sports. Lute, I remember running onto my street as a freshman in high school screaming and yelling about our national title. Us, little old Arizona, were the kings of the basketball world! Neighbors were firring off fireworks. People honking horns and just generally make noise. It was AWESOME!!!!! Ditching school, work and generally life that next day all because it was our day, Tucson’s day. Thanks for all of it.

Besides 1997 thanks for 1988, 1994 and 2001. What would my closet be without those Final Four shirts.

Thanks for being a team that was good enough to break my heart. For if you didn’t win, losses to Illinois and other would not hurt like they do today.

Thanks for having a ticket hard to get in a town that sometimes seems like it wouldn’t support there own kids.

Thanks for bring Kansas, North Carolina, Connect and other top ten programs to Tucson.

Thanks for showing the Sun Devils who’s boss by fighting back with the fans that Arizona fans hate so much.

Thanks for introducing us to Bobbi, the first women of Tucson. We know you miss her and we all do too.

Thanks to both of you for rising so much money to fight cancer and teaching so many people what they can to do to prevent themselves from falling victim to this horrible disease.

Thanks for hosting so many great basketball camps for kids. So many Tucson kids have learned hoops skills from you-a great coach.

Thanks for making old age cool. Being gray in style. And being fit in.

Thank you for making this a letter that could go on and on and on.

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