Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doctor: Olson had stroke

The Olson family and his personal physician, Dr. Steven Knope, held a press conference yesterday at the McKale Center to confirm what has long been rumored. Olson suffered a minor stroke sometime in the past year.

Knope said they couldn’t be sure when the event happened, but what they are sure of is that it would explain a sudden shift in behaviour that became apparent a year ago. Knope also said Olson had a bout with depression in the past few years, but that was unrelated.

The stroke was likely caused by a heart problem suffered almost eight years ago while on a trip to the Washington schools.

According to Knope this was not a stroke that cause physical issues, rather only affects judgment.

Over the past few weeks, according to Knope, Olson and himself had talked retirement. Olson mood over his last second choice was described as being “devastate.”

Olson is at home resting well, said Knope.

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