Monday, September 8, 2008

Arizona 2-0 for the First Time in Stoops Era

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops woke up on Sunday morning in a place he hasn't been since he moved to Tucson five years ago. Two wins-no losses. I'll bet it feels good, because I know I felt good Sunday morning. Nay, I felt great.

Arizona defeated Toledo Saturday 41-16 in another more or less dominating performance. And heck, it was even rain free. Toledo scored it's only touchdown when the game was more or less over and Arizona turned it over inside the ten yard line. So far this season Arizona has out scored it's opponents 111-16.

111-16. Think about that for a secound. Does anyone remeber the last time and Arizona team that season out like that? I know I don't.

Good news/bad news on all this. The Cats have yet to play a team that's going bowling. Next week Arizona goes to New Mexico that won't likely change. That's a long winded way of saying Arizona hasn't played anyone.

Yet they are 2-0, with two blow outs. Toledo dropped at least two, maybe three, wide open catch that should have been Toledo touchdowns. Yet if Toledo scores three more touchdown Arizona still wins (granted only by three but a W is a W).

There is no question that Arizona is going to have to wait until September 20 against UCLA to see how good they really are. Then we can talk about how good is good and all the rest.

If, by any luck, they are 3-1 or 4-0 after that point, save your pennies because Arizona is going bowl!

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