Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cats must put Saturday behind them

Saturday night could not have gone any better for Arizona. Arizona's first team didn't need to play the entire game. No one got hurt. They put up 70 points in the poring rain-perhaps the worst weather they'll see all year. The second team put up 21 points too. They stayed healthy too. It was all good.

Anyone who follows sports closely will already know this, but as of Sunday morning the Cats need to put Saturdays game against Idaho behind them.

Don't believe the press clippings.

Don't listen to your peers.

Turn off the radio.

Think to yourself that we'll need to play better Saturday (vs Toledo)to go to 2-0 for the first time in the Mike Stoops era.

“Minnesota barely beat Northern Illinois. Bowling Green beat Pittsburgh," Stoops said Monday. "There is enough out there to understand that Toledo will be a much improved football team."

If Arizona has a let down and losses to Toledo at home-it's going to be really bad news. The 70-0 win is gone just like this, it like putting ice cream in the microwave-it's ruined, it's nasty. But for the first time in nearly a decade you get the feeling that Stoops and company are not underestimating anyone.

Ohio is one of America's great football states and while Toledo is no Ohio State ( or should I say The Ohio State), they are a Ohio team.

“It has been a way of life, with a lot of tradition and a lot of blue collar people. It is what you get from these types of kids. That was a way of going to the field and it was a big deal and still a big deal,” Stoops said Monday.

He should know, the Stoops brothers grew up in Youngstown, Ohio. He should also know the team needs to put Idaho behind them.

If only I could do the same thing.

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