Friday, September 26, 2008

Why not us?

It was quit the night last night for fans of Pac-10 football. USC started what everyone thought would be a walk in the park to a conference championship. I guess everyone was wrong. Last night, by beating USC, Oregon State kicked in the door for what really amounts to seven teams who though they were contending for second place. Now there is a eight team race for first. It seems to be anyone's race.

So the million dollar question for the Wildcats should be, why not us?

There really is no reason why Arizona couldn't win the Pac-10. That's not something I would have thought twenty four hours ago. But the Beaves changed all that.

Let's take a minute to think about. First lets look at few of the players Arizona plays USC, Cal, Arizona State and Oregon State in Tucson. There really is no reason Arizona couldn't win all those games. That would also knock out Oregon State and USC since they would each have at least two conference losses with the one they already have plus Arizona. If they beat all those teams, they would have the tie breakers over ASU and Cal.

The only real player Arizona plays outside of Tucson is Oregon. But fear not. The Cats have had some good luck in Eugene. No reason that couldn't carry over!

Of course it should go without saying that Arizona also needs to win the games it should, namely against Washington, Washington State and Stanford.

The million dollar question is does Arizona have the heart to get it done? I think they do. I think they better.

And if they don't they should listen up now.

This is the year. This is our year. The door is wide wide open. Are you going to go threw it? If not why not? Go in damn it! The door is open! Why not, Why not US!!! The cards are set up on the table, it's our hand. We can win it. If we play it.

Why does it have to be ASU, Cal, Oregon or USC? Why not Arizona?

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