Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Just Not Fair!

Dear whomever wants to read this,

Saturday night I felt like giving up. Quiting. I'm not quiting on the Cats, I'm still following the the team to Los Angles next weekend, still going to every home game-this year and next.

But I quit caring. I'm tired of calling for, then backing off, and then calling again, for Mike Stoops to be fired. Same goes for Jim Livegood. And if Willie T should be benched and on and on.

Saturday night I wasn't pissed. I was just sad. At the end of the game I felt the need to curl up into a little ball, pound on the bench like a five year old and scream "It's not fair! It's not fair, it's just not fair!!!!!!!"

It really isn't fair. What did we do to the football gods to be punched with this? Was it because we fired Dick Tomey? Or did it start before that? Did we sell our sole to the devil in 1998 in order to come this close to going to the Rose Bowl?

It's just not FAIR!

I'm not 100 percent sure yet what the loss to New Mexico means for the rest of the season. I do know it's going to make it a lot harder to go to bowl game. I know thanks to one game-one game Arizona should have won, yet didn't-the chance of a post season game is much smaller then it was just one week ago.

It's just no FAIR!

Like a little kid who's big brother gets to to drink a Coke with dinner, instead of milk-we've seen ASU be good, bad and good again-yet were stuck losing to New Mexico, Utah, Stanford and Washington.

It's just not FAIR!

While other schools have been able to talk about great coaches they've had. While Oregon, Arizona State and USC all feel like they have been done over by the BCS at one time or another we've been stuck fighting about who's worse-Livegood or Stoops and if Tomey should have been fired eight years ago....eight years ago! Eight years ago I was more worried about how much a 10am class sucked 'cause I had to get out of bed before noon. Eight years ago Bill Clinton was president and the World Trade Center still stood. Yet we're arguing about what happened in 2000! Why? Because we have nothing better to talk about.

It's just not FAIR!

Now, once again, Arizona is stuck, counting wins. Thinking we most win five out of nine. It's just TOO HARD! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!

I'm going to curl up and suck my thumb for a while, the world is so mean.

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