Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rants, Rants, Rants.

Arizona's win Saturday at UCLA made things all better in Wildcat land. At least for another few weeks. With the first of three byes this weekend, the Arizona Wildcats are more or less where a lot of us thought they would be at the one third mark of the season.

The talk of firring Mike Stoops has stopped for a few weeks. The talk of sending Willie to the bench has stopped for a few weeks.

While the Cats haven't looked as good as say, USC, they have looked as good as they have in years. While they should be undefeated, they aren't. But they also recovered from what could have been a season ending less to New Mexico by beating New Mexico.

With the as good as dead Washington Huskies coming to town after the upcoming bye week, the Cats have a real chance to build something in Tucson-as long as they don't blow it.

By the way, nice red pants! Walking into the Rose Bowl this past weekend was one of the coolest Wildcat trips of the year and then bam! Things got much cooler! Real cool red, pants. Seriously where do you get a pair of bright red pants like that? I've seen red basketball shorts. I've seen red sweat pants. Never red football pants.
Red pants, awesome, awesome, awesome.

Speaking of the Rose Bowl, what a place. If you've never been to game at the giant bowl it's kind of weird. It's real big and seats 90 thousand plus. But when your in your seat it doesn't seem as big. It seemed kind of empty, despite the fact that there was way more people at this game then any U of A home game. More then could even fit at Arizona Stadium.

Speaking of, let's sell out the stadium October 4 versus Washington.

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