Friday, June 13, 2008

Olson talks to Tucson Citizen

Well, if you thought that the Lute Olson talk was done, I've got bad news for you. It's not. I'm starting to think it's never going to be gone. Last week Olson talked with Tucson Citizen writer Anthony Gimmino.

Reading the story and keeping in mind writer can pick and choose which quotes they use and which not to it sound like the same old Olson we have seen for the past year now. You know your in trouble when a writer write in the second paragraph that a softer tone would have been better. As a reader, tone is hard to tell, so readers are counting on Gimmino to help them see that.

Of course Olson is not even talking to the Citizen's competitor's at The Arizona Daily Star.

Perhaps one of the most striking parts of the conversation was when Olson talked about the event leading to Miles Simmon not having his contract renewed.

Olson first complained about taking all the heat, saying instead it wasn't his idea to fire Simmon. I question this response, coach what's wrong with taking the heat from those who wish to pass it on to you? Now, there is a very valid debate as to if Simmion deserved to be brought back. I for one agree that he SHOULD have been fired. But coach, just take the heat.

Then he blames the idea on Kevin O'Neil, saying O'Neil was the one who pushed for the firing of Simmon. Then, oddly, Olson makes sure to point out that Simmon was not fired for legal issues-a reference to heavy Internet rumors regarding possible legal problems Simmon might find himself in soon.

Another interesting part of the interview was when Olson talked about Emmanuel Negedu, who it now appears is going to Memphis, after getting out of his commitment to Arizona. He claims that something come out about his "coachability" and "it was a very easy release."

Basically Olson claims that he was going to let Negedu go all along, he just want to teach him about the importance of making a commitment. This is all well and good again, but again it makes Olson look like and angry old man. I'm not saying Olson was wrong based on what he decided to do. I truly think he should have let Negedu go and he should have made him sweat it out. I am saying he shouldn't have said it to the media (or anyone else for that matter).

The remainder of the interview he touched on the Medical Leave Act, when he became concerned about the team (he's says during the first UCLA game). He talked about his closeness to Josh Pastner, who left to go to Memphis. He also talked briefly about Nic Wise, saying he was never really worried about him leaving Arizona.

Well that should be the end of what hear from Olson for a while. By the time October rolls around everyone in Wildcat Nation should be ready to hear from Lute again and forget all about the past year.

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