Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Should Brandon Jennings even come to Tucson?

Another week pass without a concrete answer as to if Arizona recruit Brandon Jennings will even put on a Wildcats jersey.

Jennings, who graduated from Oak Hill Academy, would be picked in tomorrow night's NBA draft if it were not for the NBA's one year out of high school rule. Now he must find something to do for the next year, be it college, over seas ball or just working with a person trainer.

He had planned to go to Arizona, but he has had a difficult time qualifying academically. He has been accepted to attend the University of Arizona, but has yet to pass NCAA clearinghouse rules.

Jennings has made no secret over the fact that he does not want to go to college and would likely not stay at Arizona for more then one season. Academically speaking he would only need to take two classes in the fall semester, get D's in said classes, and that would be the end of that. Spring semester grades would no matter if he left school at the end of the basketball season.

So why should either party bother?

Truth is they shouldn't.

Why should the U of A sell there sole to Jennings? So that they might win a title? So they might make a Final Four? Why not give his spot at the university to a more deserving student, or what I'm really saying is someone who wants to go to school. Not to mention his spot on the team roster. His spot should go to someone who really wants to be part of the Wildcat family, for more then a season. Or at least keeps his plans for one and done hush, hush.

Then there is Jennings. Same goes for him. Why should he go to school? Just because that's what people think you should do? College isn't for everyone. No one would tell someone who wants to be int he Army they HAVE to go to school first? If you want to fine, if not that's fine too. If Jenning's want to go to school, he should go to school. If he doesn't, then so be it. Go do something else.

The argument has been made that maybe if he tries college maybe he'll like it. Yeah right! That almost never happens, but it's far more common in football then basketball. Some say that they liked college, but they never stay.

So if it's not good for Arizona and not good for Jennings then maybe he shouldn't even come to Tucson. No hard feelings!

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