Thursday, June 12, 2008

YouTube Clip of the week

Ok-it's been a bad week and a half for our fair city. With the shooting death of Tucson Police Officer Erik Hite two Sundays ago and the funeral this past Tuesday it's been heart breaking for our city and even more so for all us Eastsiders (like myself) where all this happened.

Then we have the NBA referring scandal. Tim Donaghy, who is looking at jail time for gambling related crimes says that some games in the NBA may have been more or less fixed by the refs. Long story short in honor of all the bad officials out there I'm putting up a U of A basketball game that ended with really bad officiating.

Enjoy-if you can-because as a Wildcat fan, it really sucks. But in spirit of the week that it's been, hey it's just sports.

(p.s. it's kind of long)

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