Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tom Hansen to retire, why not hire me?

Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen will retire next summer after 26 years on the job. He's not liked by many Pac-10 sports fan, including this one. He is so hated, at least one fan started a fire Tom Hansen website. There is no question who should be hired to replace him, me.

So what would I do?

The Pac-10 needs better bowl alliances. They have one, only one New Years Day bowl. That needs to change. I would get the Pac-10 aliened with at least one other. There really are only two New Years Bowl on the west coast, The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and The Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Arizona. Nothing can be done with those two bowls. The obvious next best choice for the conference would be the Cotton Bowl, in Dallas.

The Pac-10 needs better TV deals. They need to get as many games on ESPN as they can get. Even if this means playing games at odd times, like Thursday night football and games and 10pm Monday night basketball games. Stay away from Fox Sports Net and Versus as the main home. That can be the second home, just not the home base.

I would move the Pac-10 men's tournament from each of the NBA arenas in and near Pac-10 cities. Los Angeles (U.C.L.A. and U.S.C.), Oakland (Stanford and Cal), Portland (Oregon and Oregon State), Seattle (Washington and Washington State), and Phoenix (Arizona and Arizona State).

The game officials all need to be fired. Then you have a re hiring process where some of the better ones could be rehired if the still wanted to work for the conference. This would go for every sport.

I would look into expanding the conference, namely adding Utah and BYU. If and when this happens I would divide the conference into different divisions, the Pac-10 North and the Pac-10 South. The Pac-10 North would be Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford and Cal. The Pac-10 South would be UCLA, USC, Arizona, Arizona State, BYU and Utah. For football you would play 9 conference games, the five other schools in your division plus four of the others. You would skip two of them. The two winners would meet in a Pac-10 championship game. For basketball you would play 16 conference games, that would include the five other schools in your division twice. Plus the other six you would play once.

So why not hire me? If you have any more good ideas, maybe I'll do it too.


The Radio Guy said...

Love the ideas Nate! Can I be vice-commish?

Hard Hat Zona Defender said...

Hell yeah, you being my vice anything would be freaking awsome.