Thursday, June 5, 2008

The YouTube clip of the Week

Good news! The You Tube clip of the week is back! I know, you just spit coffee all over the computer and for that I'm sorry! Nah, I'm not sorry, if you can not keep your coffee in your own mouth that's your own problem.

Anyway this weeks clip is not from You Tube. But it is from SNL! Peyton Manning was the host. This aired during the 2007 NCAA tournament. Watch as Peyton Manning is called the Arizona Basketball of football.

Good Stuff!

But that's not all. Since I missed last week because I was banging a hot chick, I've posted a bonce clip! Ok, Ok, I wasn't banging a hot chick-but I did go to "Thursty Thursdays" and you all know how I feel about beer and hot chicks. So this is from a softball game from a few years ago. Arizona player Caitin Lowe goes after a ball and what happens next proves that girls are just as tuff as dudes.

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